Become A Dealer

The process to become an authorized dealer of Panhandle Metals is easy and hassle-free. To begin the process, simply contact our Dealer Services team at (806) 553-3026 or via email at We will add you to the inspection list and then send a representative to your location to conduct an inspection and interview any individuals involved with the dealership. Once this is done, we will be able to officially approve you as a dealer.

Our representative will be checking for a few things:

  • Good location with high traffic road frontage
  • Space for a display unit
  • That the new location is not too close to an existing dealer
  • Competent and honest dealer
  • That the business is well established
  • Business locations are preferred

Dealer Resources

Panhandle Metals equips dealers with order forms (contracts), quote forms, full-color catalogs, fliers, signs, banners, and a display building. Dealers have the liberty to advertise our buildings as if they were independent franchises. However, we expect them to be accurate and honest when promoting our products and services.

Panhandle Metals Dealer Benefits and Responsibilities

A dealer has the opportunity to supplement their income through closing sales with customers. This process includes responding to questions about buildings, filling out a contract, and collecting a 10% deposit from the customer. This 10% deposit is the dealer's commission, and customers cannot bypass this by calling in direct. Furthermore, dealers get to use a carport display for free and receive personal discounts on buildings that they purchase. Panhandle Metals will be responsible for scheduling and completing the installation of the building.